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Another scenario for Hope Gardens
Satire by Cher

1) A civil society group, "Concerned Citizens for the Preservation of the Ambience of Devon House" successfully lobbies for Devon House (aka The Green Grass Motel) to be closed to the general (non-buying) public, pending imposition of new entrance fees (to curb tendency of aforementioned general public to use/abuse the Green Grass section);

2) Overflow from latter action, combined with closure of Hellshire (due to pollution), less people doing shopping as a pastime (less money, more expensive goods) and increased rural-urban migration (persons who'd much rather migrate to the States, Canada or UK, but can't due to increased visa fees, visa restrictions, airfares, etc....), leads to greater number of persons going to Hope Gardens to relax,

3) ...which, in turn, leads to the wonderful sounds of happy-go-lucky children laughing and playing on the grounds of Hope...

4) ...and annoying the HELL out of our new occupants,who suddenly realise that:

5) practically the entire PICKINEY population of Kingston/Jamaica is now running around freely (Read: like leggobeast) their FRONT/BACK lawns. (And we all know how inquisitive children are - soon, the little brats are peeping over the walls/through the fences (Read: casing the joint) to SEE what the occupants have INSIDE,

6) Which of course naturally leads to complaints being lodged by our new residents (by now calling themselves "Concerned Citizens for the Protection and Preservation of the Serenity and Peacefulness of Hope Estate") under the Noise Pollution act,

7) Followed by a (completely unrelated) announcement by the Government that Hope Gardens will now charge entrance fees (or existing fees increased),

8) Fees act as carrot to Finance Minister, who sees them as (new) source of revenue, and who proceeds to raise same over time,

9) Country Club residents, et. al. move to "rescue" Hope Gardens (suffering from reduction in patronage), by "renovating" and "beautifying" the Gardens (Read: Mandela Park),

10) Govt. decides that, since Hope Gardens is an obvious failure as a "Park"/"Gardens", it might as well be moved to a more suitable and spacious site - the (few remaining) marshlands of Hellshire. (Oops! Forgot that Hellshire so polluted by now, it's a health hazard and can't sustain any more form of human habitation),

11) Govt. announces the "re-development" of the "renovated" Hope Gardens, to pave the way for the development of Hope Country Club - Phase II.



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